Where to Find the Best Pizza in Bangkok ?

Who wants to eat pizza in Bangkok when you've got all this delicious street food?

I know right, it's crazy!

More seriously, we're lucky to get so much variety in Bangkok with everything from delicious and cheap Thai food to cold cuts, cheese, Italian food and of course... Pizza!

And we've got some serious contenders for the best pizza in Bangkok.

So because this is no joke and we're taking this review really seriously, we're gonna separate this post into 2 parts :

  • The Best Restaurants to Eat Pizza in Bangkok
  • The Best Pizza Delivery in Bangkok

Ready? Set? Slice!

soho pizza sukhumvit soi 11 bangkok

The Best Restaurants To Eat Pizza In Bangkok

This quest for the best pizza in Bangkok is a work in progress and will always be.

If you don't find your favorite pizzeria in the list, don't get mad at me, and go suggest it in the comments.

I'll go check it out.

But for now, here's where I found the best pizza in Bangkok :

Pizza Massilia

massilia pizza bangkok sukhumvit

Massilia has a lot of hype around their pizza and everybody I know in Bangkok has been talking about it since they opened.

The least I can say is their pizza live up to the hype.

For me, they have the best pizza in Bangkok. Hands down.

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  • Pizza Massilia Sukhumvit
  • Website

Soho Pizza

soho pizza bangkok menu

When Soho Hospitality (the group behind Havana Social, Above Eleven, Cali Mex...) get into something, they don't go halfway.

Their New York Style pizza is one of a kind.

Thin crust, 7 different types of pizza available by the slice or by the pie (18-inch pies !).

On top of that, their shop is right on Sukhumvit 11, just meters away from Levels and Insanity clubs, and is open until 4 am!

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  • Soho Pizza - Sukhumvit 11

Gallery Pizza Bangkok

Gallery Pizza is one of the most established pizzerias in Bangkok mostly known for its famous "2 pizza for 499฿" deal and delivery until 4 am.

gallery pizza bangkok

But they've also got 2 pizzeria in Bangkok, one in Sathorn and a new one in Ekamai.

The plus from gallery pizza is their menu with both classic and original pizzas.

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  • Gallery Pizza Sathorn

Oskar Bistro

Oskar Bistro got some of the best food in Bangkok for its price range (around 200/300฿ per dish).

It's an expat dream when you need a break from Thai Food.

They have pasta, french food, seafood and.... really good pizzas.

pizza oskar bistro bangkok

It's also a good place to start a night soi 11.

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  • Website
  • Oskar Bangkok

Pizzeria Mazzie

Not convinced by Pizzeria Mazzie New York style pizza.

We tried a supreme pizza that was good, but at 600฿ we were expecting to be blown away.

Good pizza, but with a high price tag.

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  • Pizzeria Mazzie

Best Pizza Delivery in Bangkok

gallery pizza delivery bangkok

Pizza delivery in Bangkok is mostly controlled by the giants like Domino's, Pizza Hut and Pizza Company.

I won't lie, I've tried them all and not only for this post.

Mostly because they've got super cheap deals and they're fast. And when you're hangover, quality isn't the first thing you got in mind.

But try to stay away from them if you can.

Bangkok got some really good pizza available for delivery.

Gallery Pizza Bangkok

With their special 2 pizzas for 499฿ and delivery until 4 am, Gallery Pizza win the number 1 spot for best pizza delivery in Bangkok!

And the pizzas are delicious!

If you're having a pizza party in Bangkok, it's a no brainer.

They're not on Foodpanda though so head directly to their Facebook page or drop them a call to order.

PS: I ordered 6 pizzas there for our housewarming. They were super fast to answer on Facebook and the 6 pizzas came in 25 minutes !! You can't beat that.

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  • Gallery Pizza Sathorn

Domino's Pizza

Man, I had so many Domino's pizza in my life and I can't even blame alcohol for all of them.

domino's pizza thailand

The only good thing is they make it really easy to order online and to track your order. And they're super fast.

They also got some cool deals.

Except that, the quality is... Domino's.

But it is still for me the best pizza chain in Bangkok.

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  • Website

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut pizzas are... industrial and cheap.

The only good thing about Pizza Hut in Thailand is its concepts, like the box you can see here.

pizza hut triple box delivery in bangkok

Except that, let's be honest, the pizzas aren't that good.

Try to stay away from them.

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  • Website

The Pizza Company

the pizza company 1112 delivery

Don't trust that kid, he obviously never tried Gallery Pizza.

Avoid the Pizza Company!

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  • Website

pizza delivery gif sponge bob

Ok now, it's time to get a slice of the best pizza Bangkok.

But before you go, let me know which one is your favorite pizzeria or pizza delivery in Bangkok in the comment.

I know there's a ton of legit Pizzeria in Bangkok and I haven't tried even half of them but I'm on it.

As I said at the beginning of that post, it's a work in progress.

For now, I've done some research and I found :

  • Cabana Garden
  • Hot wheels pizza
  • Il Bolognese Bangkok
  • Limoncello Bangkok
  • New York Pizza
  • Pala Pizza Bangkok
  • Peppina Bangkok
  • Pizza and the city
  • Pizzamania
  • Red pizza Bangkok
  • Scoozi
  • Sfizio Bangkok
  • Zanotti Bangkok

Thanks for reading and feel free to explore the rest of the blog to find the other best places in Bangkok.

And if you know other pizzeria I should try, leave me your recommendations below and I'll review them soon 😉

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