7 Best Night Markets in Bangkok

Night Markets are definitely one of the best things about Bangkok.

And it's someone who hates shopping that is telling you that. 😁

But night markets in Bangkok are something else.

There's so much more to do than shopping there.

First, they have a ton of food, bars, ice cream, vintage clothes and furniture, small creators, cold beers, really cheap anything you want, and did I mention they have beers?

Night Markets in Bangkok are a good place to do some shopping, of course, but they're also great to relax, try all sorts of delicious food, take great pics for the Gram, and chill with a cold beer.

But with new Night Markets opening or moving all the time in Bangkok, which one should you visit?

🐵  What Night Market in Bangkok is for You?

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Train Night Market Srinakarin (the original Talad Rot Fai)

Probably the biggest night market in Bangkok.

It’s a bit remote and it will take you between 30 minutes and 1 hour to go there from Sukhumvit depending on the traffic.

But it's 100% worth the trip.

Because Talad Rot Fai is the most unique night market in Bangkok and has a ton of shops with both new and vintage stuff.

And it's more than just clothes. You’ll find accessories, furniture, decoration, makeup, costumes, tech… it’s all there.

And they have a TON of food.

Thai food of course, but also tasty kebabs, waffles, pizzas, and even good steaks.

The night train market also has vintage buildings, furniture, and cars from the 60s and 70s so it's a great place to take amazing photos.

entrance of talad rod fai srinakarin in Bangkok

  • Thursday to Sunday - 5pm to 1am
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Train Night Market Ratchada (Talad Rot Fai Ratchada)

From the same team as Rod Fai Srinakarin, it’s a smaller version of the vintage market, closer to Bangkok center.

The best way to get there is to take the MRT (Bangkok underground) to the Cultural Center station.

You’ve probably seen photos of this market everywhere on social media. (the one on the cover photo of this post).

If you want to take the same you need to get into the mall’s parking next to the market to get that shot.

That being said, there’s way more to the Ratchada night market than the view.

Again, you've got a ton of small shops with everything from clothes to accessories, souvenirs, makeup, and more.

And for food, there's more than you can chew.

They've got a ton of Thai food, delicious ribs, lots of seafood, and all sorts of desserts.

Oh, and they have a long lane of bars built-in containers with sometimes DJs playing.

So it's a great place to do some shopping and/or to eat and grab drink.

train night market Ratchada in Bangkok

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In lower Sukhumvit, between Nana and Asoke, easily accessible by BTS, is a new night market called Artbox.

It’s not as big as the 2 above but it’s a great place to chill outdoor in Sukhumvit, away from the busy streets.

Artbox is mostly small creators and local makers, you will not find many souvenirs or cheap clothes but it's a great place to buy unique items and presents.

The night market even got live bands playing, a few bars, and a ton of delicious food, from Thai buffet to seafood, all the way to Mexican and South American food.

Oh, and you can go Axe Throwing there, which is super cool. 🪓

It's mostly popular with locals and expats and usually less crowded than the others.

Artbox night market sign in Bangkok

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Neon Market

Talad Neon is a smaller night market in Pratumnak area, located on Petchaburi road.

It's more local and has fewer tourists than the other but it's has a good selection of small shops that sell anything from souvenirs to hand made products.

They also have lots of food options and a few bars.

neon sign of talad neon in Bangkok

  • Every Day - 4pm to 12am
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JJ Green

Close to the world-famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, which usually closes around 6 pm, is a night market called JJ Green.

It’s usually where everyone goes when Chatuchak closes.

At least it was until they had to move to a new location.

JJ Green 2 is not a bit further from Chatuchak but it's still worth checking out for shopping, food or just to chill.

JJ Green 2 NIght Market sign in Bangkok

  • Thursday to Sunday - 6pm to 12am
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Patpong Night Market

Patpong night market is only for tourists and anyone interested in buying souvenirs or fake watches.

It's worth having a look if you got some spare time and if you want to buy some cheap knock off brands but if you don't have much time in Bangkok, you can skip it.

Note that the night market is in the middle of a pedestrian street, it's not as big as other markets on that list and doesn't offer any food or drinks.

Oh, and the street where it's located, Patpong, is surrounded by bars and go-go bars.

Not the most family-friendly place you'll find in Bangkok.

Even though it's not unusual to see families going up and down the street with their kids looking at pole bars (go figure 🙃).

photo of patpong night market in Bangkok

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Asiatique The Riverfront

I put Asiatique last on the list because even though it's technically in part a night market, it's honestly the least authentic night market you will find in Bangkok.

It's not as cheap, not as Thai, not as fun, and not as lively as the other markets.

For me, it just looks like Disneyland. Clean, organized, and quite expensive.

Asiatique is great to buy some souvenirs and to walk around but don't expect to find any great deal or anything surprising there.

It's family-friendly, good for a date, great if you've got older people with you, but not as interesting to see if you're looking for some authentic.

asiatique the riverfront in Bangkok

  • Every Day - 4pm to 12am
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Other Night Markets in Bangkok

That's it for my top night markets in Bangkok but there's still a lot of them across the city I didn't get the chance to visit yet.

Here's a short list :

  • Chong Chui Night Market
  • Suan Lum Night Bazaar Ratchada
  • Box Space Ratchayothin Night Market

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Planning a trip to Bangkok? Check my guide for more ideas to plan your trip.

Now tell me about you.

What is your favorite night market in Bangkok?

Let me know in the comments. 🐵

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