The Best Hangover Cures in Thailand ðŸĪ’

Thailand is one of the best place to party in the world.

But for many, including me, parties often rhymes with hangover. ðŸĪ•

Of course, we all know the usual recommendations: drink more water, less alcohol, eat before you go out, don’t touch that Jagerbomb… but if you’re here that’s probably already too late.

I got good news for you though, Thailand is not only a good place to get wasted, it’s also one of the countries with the best options to recover from a heavy night.

So I won’t let you suffer any longer, here are the best hangover cures in Thailand.

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1. 7-Eleven Hangover Package

When I was organizing parties in Thailand we used to give our guests Hangover Packages with everything they need to survive after a heavy night out.

All the items it contains are available at every 7-Eleven in Thailand so you can prepare your own to survive the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, a boat party in Phuket, or buckets in Khaosan Road.

  • Redbull (or M150). A good energy drink usually contains enough caffeine to help you to get the extra boost you need to get out of bed.
  • Lipovitan-D. Another energy drink available in Thailand. For whatever reason, it works better for some people.
  • C Vit. A sugary drink with a lot of Vitamin C.
  • Electrolytes. They have different sorts but honestly, any of them would do the job.
  • Charcoal. If your stomach hurts, because of the alcohol (or the spicy food), this usually does the trick.
  • Paracetamol. Because when nothing else works, that’s your last resort.
  • Ham and Cheese. That’s not in the package but the best thing you can buy when you’re hangover, or when you’re drunk at 4 am.
Hangover packages items from 7 Eleven in Thailand

And if you want to complete the Hangover Package as we used to do it, add some condoms, Kamagra, a lighter, and some peanuts.

Best thing about it? It only cost about 200āļŋ for the whole package. (more if you add lubricant 😆)

2. Drink Coconut Water

I haven’t really tested it to be honest but I heard that a fresh coconut can make you feel a lot better after too many drinks.

I couldn’t find any scientific article to back it up but I suppose because fresh coconut water contains anti-oxidant, electrolytes, and potassium, it can only help.

Oh, and try to get fresh coconuts instead of bottle coconut water. Not only it’s cheaper, it’s also apparently more effective. ðŸĨĨðŸĨĪ

If you have any experience with that, let me know in the comments.

3. Eat a Thai Soup or Buffet

There’s 2 types of food that make me feel better when I’m really hangover in Thailand :

  • Spicy Thai Soups. Anything with noodles and some meat. The soup helps you to rehydrate, the meat gives you some energy, and the chili helps you sweat the alcohol out. Go easy on the chili though if you’re not used to it or if your stomach hurts. ðŸŒķ
  • Brunch or Buffet. Most international hotels in Thailand have delicious brunches and buffets, and with Eatigo you can get up to 50% discount on most of them. It’s maybe not a great idea to jump on the oysters but anything with fat will help you feel better.
Cagette restaurant buffet in Bangkok

Worst case scenario, if you don’t feel like going out, remember that most fast food (including Mc Donalds and Burger King) deliver 24/7 in Thailand. 😉

4. Get a Massage

Now that you’re up and full, head to massage parlor to relax and get all those bad toxins out.

I don’t need to remind you that Thai massages are awesome and really cheap. They’re also amazing to recover after when you’re hangover.

If you have the budget and the time, head to a spa for a massage and take advantage of their hot bath and sauna to chill for a while.

yunomori onsen and spa in bangkok

5. Keep Drinking

When everybody else failed, that’s the last resort. ðŸŧ

No doubt that a fresh Chang will 100% cure your hangover. (and probably make the next one worst ðŸĪŦ)

I’m not personally recommending this one but when you’re playing the short game and have a few parties in a row, that’s the way to go.

And in Thailand, with parties every day of the week, it’s not hard to find an excuse to get going again.

buckets khaosan road mojomatt

What’s your favorite Hangover cure in Thailand ?

There you have it!

The best combination to survive a hangover in Thailand.

Now it’s on you!

Good luck out there.

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Oh and before you leave, if you don’t know what to drink or what are the rules about drinking in Thailand, read this:

By the way, if you know another hangover cure that work in Thailand, leave it in the comments below

I’ll make sure to try them all! ðŸĩ

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