14 Best French Restaurants In Bangkok According to French

Craving French food?

No worries, even Bangkok doesn't resist the famous French gastronomy and you have plenty of French restaurants in Bangkok to choose from.

That being said, most lists of the best French restaurants in Bangkok are almost all topped by Michelin-starred restaurants.

So instead of making the same list, I decided to ask the people of Bangkok what their favorite French restaurant in Bangkok is.

And not just any people, French people.

After all, if anyone is supposed to know what good French food is, it should be French themselves.

So I took to Facebook to ask my fellow French expats in Bangkok what are for them the best French restaurants in Bangkok.

Here are their answers.

Note that they're not ranked in any particular order, except maybe the price.

Because I want to show that French cuisine can be casual and affordable too.

Even in Bangkok.

featured image of best french restaurants in Bangkok list by mojomatt


Bisou is my new go-to French restaurant in Bangkok.

The food is delicious, the drinks are excellent (both the creative cocktails and the large selection of wine), and the service is exceptional.

It’s cozy, friendly, and accessible, unlike a lot of fine-dining restaurants in Bangkok.

Bisou is great for a dinner with friends, a nice date, or even just a few bites and good wine before going out in Bangkok.

exterior of the french restaurant bisou bangkok

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  • Bisou Bangkok

French Kiss

French Kiss has been the most popular answer, probably because it's casual, delicious, and affordable at the same time.

Even though Patpong (one of Bangkok's red-light districts) is not where you would expect to find fine French cuisines, I heard that they have the best value in town for Côte de Boeuf and a delicious Gratin Dauphinois.

french kiss restaurant in Bangkok

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Le Bouchon Bangkok

Just meters from French Kiss, in Patpong too, is one of the oldest and most iconic French restaurants in Bangkok.

Le Bouchon is as French as it can get and look like a French Bistrot straight from the 80s.

If you want to travel in time and feel like in France for a few hours, with a unique atmosphere and delicious food, that's the perfect place.

I also heard they have the best Steak Tartare you can find in Thailand. But you need to ask Serge, the owner, to prepare it for you.

le bouchon french restaurant in Patpong Bangkok

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JP French Restaurant

Another favorite of the French expat community in Bangkok.

JP is as known for its French food as it is for the hospitality of its owner and the quality of the service.

Located in Sukhumvit 31, this is a reasonably priced French restaurant for any occasion.

JP French restaurant in Bangkok

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El Mercado

The best place in Bangkok to find fresh French products.

That's where every French I know in Bangkok go to buy cheese, cold cuts, oysters, but also pastries, bread, and even seafood and meat.

It doesn't matter what kind of French product you're after, they probably have it, and at a decent price.

On top of that, their food is delicious, they have a large selection of wine at a fair price, and the menu is constantly evolving based on their latest arrival.

Oh, and they have 2 groceries that deliver fresh products anywhere in Bangkok.

A must-try.

el mercado restaurant in Bangkok

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Arno's started with one butchery in Naratiwas, Bangkok.

Now it's a small empire with 16 restaurants in Thailand, including 11 in Bangkok alone.

To this day, Arno's remains the go-to place to buy meat for a lot of French expats and locals.

And if you stop by one of their restaurants, try one of their delicious burgers.

arno's buchery in bangkok

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If you've been in Bangkok for a while you've probably seen Cocotte showing up on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

And their food and service are just as good as their videos and photos.

Try their massive signature Tomahawk or let their croque-monsieur seduce you.

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Cagette is a French restaurant that specializes in seafood and delivery of, you guessed it, "cagettes".

Cagettes are small wooden boxes (photo below) filled with an assortment of cheese, cold cuts, seafood, meat, and wine, with a price per person so you can order for any occasion, like a date night or a Sunday brunch with friends.

Cagette restaurant buffet in Bangkok

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Le Cabanon

Another great place for lovers of Seafood and French food.

Hidden in a quiet soi in Narathiwas, Le Cabanon is the perfect place for a date and to try some delicious products imported from France and Spain, prepared with an Asian twist.

Le cabanon restaurant in Bangkok

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Brasserie 9

Now we're getting into the posh part of this list.

Brasserie 9 is what you expect from a traditional French restaurant, with all the classics of French cuisine like foie gras, entrecôte, and frog legs.

It's the perfect restaurant for large groups or meetings, and the place even has its own cigar room.

brasserie 9 in Sathorn Bangkok

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MIA Restaurant

Not owned or run by a French chef, but if a bunch of French agrees it deserves to make the list, I have to follow their recommendation.

The restaurant offers European cuisine mixed with Asian flavors and of course, French influences.

MIA Restaurant in Bangkok

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Blue by Alain Ducasse

Now we're stepping into the world of French gastronomy.

Alain Ducasse is one of the most famous French chefs and earned more than 21 Michelin stars in his career.

He's now taking his unique cuisine and recipes to Bangkok in a beautiful restaurant in the luxury mall Icon Siam.

With a unique design and an incredible view over the Chao Phraya River, Blue is more than a simple French restaurant, it's an experience.

blue by Alain Ducasse restaurant in Bangkok

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J'AIME by Jean Michel Lorrain

Located in U Sathorn, one of the best hotels in Bangkok, J'AIME is the first French restaurant awarded by a Michelin star on this list.

As you can imagine, the design is amazing, the food delicious, and the service remarkable.

What else can I say?

Go try it by yourself.

J'aime by Jean Michel Lorain restaurant in Bangkok

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Le Normandie

Last but not least, Le Normandie has been since its opening in 1958 not only the best French restaurant in Bangkok, but the best restaurant in Bangkok.


Holding 2 Michelin Stars, it's at the top of the best tables you can find in Bangkok

And according to French expats, it's the best gastronomic French food you can get in Thailand.

Le Normandie French Restaurant in Bangkok

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There you have it, all the best French restaurants in Bangkok according to French expats.

I hope that gives you ideas for the next time you're craving French food in Bangkok and enough options to suit every budget and occasion.

For more recommendations in Bangkok check this page here and to know more about life as an expat in Bangkok, it's over here.

And if you've tried any of the restaurants I've listed, let us know which one you would recommend in the comments.

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