5 Best Clubs in Bangkok For Foreigners

As someone who’s been living in Bangkok for a while and who used to organize parties here, people expect me to tell them what the best clubs are in a split second.

At least once a week I have someone that drop me a message on Facebook or Instagram like:

"Hey mate, what is the best club in Bangkok right now ?"

And my answer is always the same (and it's really lame):

"It depends what you like"

Because I don't know you, bro.

What I like is probably not what you like.

What makes a good club for you?

A lot of girls?

A local vibe?

Do you like house music?

Or hip-hop?

Tell me what you want, and I'll tell you where to go.

So I can't tell you what is the best club in Bangkok right now, but I can tell you which ones I recommend the most.

Sing Sing Theater: The Best High-End Club

sing sing theater bangkok room

Sing Sing Theater (all the locals and expats call it Sing Sing), is the best club in Bangkok in my opinion.

If there's nothing special going on in another club, no specific request from anyone in the group, my go-to club in Bangkok is always Sing Sing.

Even after trying every club in Bangkok, it’s by far the venue I recommend the most.

First, for the design and the atmosphere.

It's different from other nightclubs, so it helps you disconnect from the rest of the world.

And if you’ve never been there, I can guarantee it's a must-see.

It's completely different from any other club you've ever seen.

In a good way.

It’s also always packed, every day of the week.

The music is always great too.

Even though you've got different DJs every night, the sound is always good.

Sure, it’s on the high-end side and a bit expensive but the entrance is free and they use premium alcohol for their drinks and have great cocktails.

That’s important too.

Mojo Tip: Book in advance if you got a large group or arrive early. The tables are ultra-limited.

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Sugar Club: The Best Hip Hop Club in Bangkok

sexy Thai dancer twerking at Sugar Club Bangkok soi 11 in Thailand

Hip-hop is the new pop and if you're not into EDM the best club for you is Sugar in Sukhumvit Soi 11.

Sugar is a big club with both a local and international crowd, super hot dancers, international DJs, and all the old-school and latest hip-hop songs you like.

The club is also busy every night of the week.

And it’s full of beautiful and approachable girls.

We spend a lot of time there these days since my friends opened the rooftop bar Pastel, just across the road.

So we might see each other there.

Levels: The Best Mainstream Club

party at Levels Club Bangkok in Sukhumvit soi 11

Levels Club and Lounge is the best commercial club you will find in Bangkok.

The music is mainstream, the ambiance is amazing, the lineup of DJs is great, and don’t get me started on the dancers.

You will also like the 2 girls for 1 guy ratio you got there on most nights.

And I let you imagine what it's like for ladies' night.

Go there with a group and get a VIP table to be seen by the single girls, and invite them to join you for a drink.

It’s in my experience the easiest club to pick up girls in Bangkok.

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Mustache Club: The Best Underground Club

Vibrant red lights illuminate the atmosphere of the Mustache Club in Bangkok.

For house, techno, and underground music in general, the best club in Bangkok is called Mustache.

Mustache has been the top underground club for years now, with a great lineup of DJs that play all styles of underground music.

If mainstream music, or even pop and hip-hop isn’t your thing, then Moustache is for you.

Mustache is out of the main party streets of Bangkok, but it’s worth the detour to find a vibe that you’re not going to get anywhere else in the city.

Onyx: Thai Club with Banging EDM

onyx club bangkok

I love Sing Sing, Levels, and Sugar, but I mostly go there when I have a group of friends or clients.

Sometimes, I want something more Thai, with fewer expats and tourists.

For that, there is no better and wilder than Onyx.

Onyx is where a lot of young wealthy Thais go to party.

It’s fun, full of hot Thai women, and the music is always incredible.

The DJs and the energy here is similar to the biggest music festivals.

Mojo Tip: Onyx and the other clubs in RCA close at 2 AM, so get there early.

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The PIMP: The Club for High Rollers

the pimp bangkok girls

A gentlemen club is a different style of club, but it’s still a club at the end of the day.

The PIMP is not for everyone and it's definitely not for every night.

But when it's a special night with the boys or if you got something to celebrate, The PIMP is the best club of its type in Bangkok.

It might cost you more than at a regular club but you're guaranteed to have fun with really sexy girls.

Read the story about my first time there (link below) if you want more details.

Mojo Tip: Don't go there if it's too expensive for you. It's really for people who have money to blow.

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The entrance fee at a club in Bangkok can be free, or go up to 500 THB per person.

You need to check for each club.

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It is super safe to go to clubs in Bangkok. Or even to go out in Thailand in general. The security at nightclubs in Bangkok is excellent and clubbers in Thailand are usually pretty relaxed.

The best hip-hop club in Bangkok is Sugar Club.

The best EDM club in Bangkok is Levels.

The best techno club in Bangkok is Mustache.

The best underground club in Bangkok is Mustache.

The best nightclub in Bangkok for couples in Sing Sing Theater.

The biggest club in Bangkok is Spaceplus in RCA.

What's the Best Club in Bangkok?

As you can see, it depends on what you like, who is with you, and what's more important for you that night.

All I know is Bangkok got so many options, and there's no night off here, so you'll have a good night if you're with the right people.

Now if you still don't know where to go clubbing in Bangkok, you can also check Party Bangkok's complete list of clubs in Bangkok to find more inspiration.

And if you want more information on Bangkok nightlife, check that page here.

Now tell me, what's your favorite club in Bangkok?

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  1. Good info you have on here. I’m coming in March. Where is the best club in Bangkok to pick up freelancers? Kinda like the old Insanity before it closed. Thanks.

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