A One Day Itinerary For a Stag Do in Bangkok

Whether you're in Bangkok for a Stag party or living here and want to spend a crazy day with your mates, I've got the perfect itinerary for you.

See, I've been planning Stag Do in Thailand since 2016 and I've got a pretty good idea of what you can do in Bangkok and what are the best and most popular options you have here.

So if my best friends were coming to Bangkok for a day, here's where I would take them.

And we're gonna start the day pretty early !

muscle factory equipment bangkok

10am : Get a Workout to Start the Day

Because if we're going to eat and drink all day, we might want to stop by the gym and get a quick workout to remove the guilt from all this drinks and food we're gonna get.

Bangkok got plenty of gym's and if you live here you probably got a friend that have a gym in his condo.

If you don't, Muscle Factory is the place to go.

They've got all the equipment you want, plenty of space and it's pretty cheap compare to other gyms on Sukhumvit.

birds rotisserie the commons thonglor

12pm : Time for a post Workout Lunch

A quick shower and we head to the Commons in Thonglor.

It's kind of a high end food court with all sorts of food. This way you're sure to please everyone and every single option they have there is the best in their category.

Roasted Chicken, Pasta, Spanish tapas, Burgers, Mexican, Coffee, Acai, Pizza, Lobsters... and most importantly, they've got craft beers and wine !

That's the perfect place to recover after a workout and get energy for the rest of the day.

yunomori onsen spa bangkok

2pm : Onsen Spa and Massage at Yunomori

We all know it's gonna be a long night, so it's ok to take some time to relax before we go to war.

Yunomori is the ideal spa for that.

And top of that, this place is both inexpensive and awesome.

For 900฿ you get access to the spa for the day and a 60 minutes Thai massage.

whisgars bangkok sukhumvit 23

4pm : Cigars and Rum at Whisgars Soi 23

Now the moment you've all been waiting for, we really shift into party mode.

Starting the stag party with a nice cigar and either a rum or whisky pairing. 🥃

There's a really limited number of options when it comes to cigars in Bangkok but this place is both great, and open early (from 2pm).

octave rooftop bar bangkok

6pm : Rooftop Drinks and Sunset at Octave

Heading down to one of the best Rooftop Bar in Bangkok, without the crazy price tag you'll find in similar places like Vertigo at Banyan Tree or the famous Sky Bar at the Lebua Hotel.

If Octave is too busy or fully booked you can also try Mojjo Sky Bar or Brewski.

Two great options with the same laidback vibe and close to where we head next.

hooters bangkok soi 15

8pm : Dinner

Honestly, it's hard to choose and it depends on the group I've got with me.

To stay in the theme, why not Hooters with a package that include dinner and an open bar.

Or if we're in the mood for Pizza, without hesitation I'll head down to Massilia at Sukhumvit 49.

If we're craving French Food, I'll book a table at El Mercado for some cheese, cold cuts and wine.

Or we go all in and we smash a huge Tomahawk at Cocotte.

Whatever suit us that day.

gentlemen club bangkok pimp

10 PM: Private Room at The PIMP

If you're reading this blog, you probably know me from this post about the famous gentlemen's club in Bangkok, The PIMP.

Of course, we're going for a private room. If possible, a large one so we got a pool table. And 1 girl for each guy for 3 hours. (we're talking about party only 😉)

Then at this point, what happens at The PIMP stays at The PIMP.

A night there will easily set you back around 7,000 to 10,000฿ per person so if that's over your budget you can skip it and go to Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy instead.

Still a lot of fun if you've got the right crew and you'll probably end up spending twice less.

Interior of Insanity nightclub in Bangkok Soi 11

2am : Can we make it to Insanity?

Now you're probably wondering, what is Insanity or why Insanity?

If you don't live here, Insanity is one of the main club in Bangkok, and usually with a 2 girls for 1 guy ratio. Perfect for a stag party in Bangkok.

And as for why, because it's one of the only club in this style that is still open after 2am. At this time, it's either that or the Mixx Club. Whatever is open will do just fine at this point.

lion club bangkok private room show

Summary : A one day Stag Party Itinerary in Bangkok

  • 10am : Workout
  • 12pm : Lunch at the Commons in Thonglor
  • 2pm : Spa and Massage at Yunomori Onsen
  • 4pm : Cigars and Rum at Whisgars Soi 23
  • 6pm : Rooftop Drinks at Octave
  • 8pm : Dinner
  • 10pm : Private Room at The PIMP
  • 2am : Insanity if we're still alive

Of course you can adapt this stag itinerary to what you like and your budget and include your favorite venues and activities.

But I've picked this places because, first, I like them, second, they're all along Sukhumvit and all fairly close to one another, and third, because it gives someone who never been to Bangkok a pretty good idea of what we've got here.

Now let's answer a few key questions

  • What about transportation? With 2 to 4 people, you can use Grab App and get a taxi between the different locations. With more people, I'll get party vans from Party Bangkok.
  • How much would it cost? Good question, I haven't done it yet, but based on my experience, roughly, between 15,000 THB and 20,000 THB per person, all included.
  • Do you need to book in advance? If you have a large group, you better make some arrangements before. For the PIMP, booking is mandatory if you want a private room.

How does that sound? Would you do it?

Let me know in the comments.

If you need more inspiration to plan a trip with your boys, check my list of ideas for a bachelor party in Bangkok.

Make your trip epic and have a good one in Bangkok.

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