15+ Ideas for the Ultimate Bachelor Party in Pattaya

You're considering doing your bachelor party in Pattaya but you're not 100% sure yet if it's the right destination for your group?

Let me tell you why Pattaya is the perfect place for a trip with the lads:

  • A crazy nightlife
  • A ton of go-go bars
  • Cheap villas
  • Plenty of outdoor activities
  • Beaches and beach clubs
  • Awesome value for money

Not only that, but it's alsoΒ the perfect place to have the right balance between reckless nights and relaxing days.

And your money will last you longer there than it would in Bangkok or Phuket.

Now that you're convinced, let me give you some ideas of things to do in Pattaya for a Bachelor Party.

15 ideas for a bachelor party in Pattaya mojomatt featured image blog post

1. Get to Pattaya in Style

Why take the bus when you can take a limousine or luxury minivans?

Whether you want to rest after a long flight or start the party on the way to Pattaya, there's plenty of options to get to Pattaya in style.

Check Party Bangkok for party vans with light and sound systems or contact VIP Luxury Services for luxury vehicles.

party van bangkok

2. Rent a Pool Villa

Because it wouldn't make sense to book a hotel for a group when you see how cheap villas are in Pattaya.

Check Airbnb or Travala.com (get 25$ off your booking) for great deals and pick a villa with a pool, not too far from Walking Street, or in Jomtien, but with a van to take you around the city.

Oh, and don't forget to take one that is suitable for events or to tell the host about your plans before you confirm the booking.

The last thing you want is someone walking in at 4 am when you're all... busy.

pool villa in pattataya at pratumnak area

3. Plan a Private Pool Party

Invite some "friends" over and plan your own private pool party.

You can also ask your host to help you with organizing food, music, and entertainment.

All you need is some drinks, a BBQ, some floatable mats, a DJ, and a handful of Thai bikini models.

private pool party in pattaya by Mojosons

4. Go for an ATV ride

While everybody still fresh and full of energy, jump on ATVs and go for an epic ride in the jungle around Pattaya.

Book a VIP Tour with ATV Adventures Pattaya to have a private guide, and the leisure to take a break for some BBQ or beers during the tour.

5. Organize your own Yacht Party

Another thing that would be expensive elsewhere that is pretty affordable in Pattaya is yachts.

And probably the main reasons why most of the groups that come for a bachelor party to Bangkok make a stop in Pattaya as well.

You can book a private charter for 4 or 8 hours, with some bikini models, or just cruise around the islands, ride a jet ski, and chill on the boat.

I know which one I would pick. 😎

mojosons bachelor yacht party pattaya

6. Visit the Islands

I know you're not there to visit the area but it would be a shame to go to Pattaya and not see to see the beautiful islands around the city.

Join a group tour, a booze cruise, or do some island hopping with your own boat.

Pattaya offers all the options you can ask for.

7. Pay a Visit to the Castle

Oh, you don't know what the Castle is?

It's Pattaya's one and only BDSM club.

barbar fetish club in patpong bangkok

Now we're taking things to a different level, it's about time to give the groom a bachelor party experience he's not gonna forget.

  • Go to The Castle Fetish Club

8. Hit Walking Street

Now that the groom has lost his virginity, pay a visit to the world-famous Walking Street.

You don't need a guide there, just go from one go-go bar to another until someone passes out.

Most bars and clubs in Walking Street don't have an entrance fee so you can check as many places as you want until you find one that you like.

king cafe pattaya neon sign

9. Go to a Shooting Range

The shooting range is the perfect activity when everyone is hangover.

It doesn't require any energy but the adrenaline rush you get from it will wake you up.

And if you go to Pattaya shooting park you can even drink beers between 2 shotguns rounds.

Safety first. 🍺

pattaya shooting park

10. Wake Up with Go Karting

Shooting with guns wasn't enough to wake you up?

Get on a Go-Kart and let's see who's the most reckless driver.

Losers pay for the bill at the club.

11. Splah Money at Pattaya's Best Club

Seen enough of go-go dancers?

Then book a VIP table at one of Pattaya's best clubs, either Insomnia, Lucifer, or 808.

I can guarantee you will love the girl to guy ratio there.

12. Get a massage

For the type of massage, that's up to you and none of my business.

But I can't deny the fact that Pattaya is well known for having a ton of soapy massage parlors.

I will only add that whatever happens in Pattaya, stays in Pattaya.

But no matter what kind of massage you pick, just get a massage. 😁

13. Go to a Rooftop Bar

Head to Siam@Siam hotel and get up to the 27th to enjoy the best view of Pattaya.

A great place to relax and grab a few cold ones before you go at it again.

sky bar at siam@siam hotel in Pattaya

14. Say Hi to The Hooters Girls

They say Hooters Make You Happy.

And it's arguably one of the best places to celebrate a Bachelor Party, especially in Pattaya as Hooters is only a few hundred meters from the Sky Bar, in front of the beach, and about 2 minutes from Walking Street.

A great opportunity for a few souvenir photos too.

  • Hooters Pattaya

15. Recover at a Beach Club

Take it easy for the last day of the trip and hit one of the best beach clubs in Pattaya.

Alexa beach club would my go-to but there's plenty of options out there.

alexa beach club in Pattaya

  • Alexa Beach Club Pattaya


Both are really different. Bangkok is more convenient, has more options regarding food, parties, activities... but it's undeniable that Pattaya is amazing for a bachelor party.

You can rent a villa there for the price of a suite in Bangkok, Pattaya nightlife is as hectic if not more than the one in Bangkok, you've got more outdoor activities and you can enjoy watersports there.

15 ideas for a bachelor party in pattaya pinterest image by mojomatt

If you can, don't choose between Pattaya or Bangkok for your Bachelor Party, do both!

And if you're heading to Pattaya anyway, here's a list of things to do in Pattaya.

Now if you got any questions, please feel free to ask me anything in the comments.

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