15 Ideas For A Crazy Bachelor Party in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most popular destinations in the world for bachelor parties.
And rightfully so.

I’m now officially retired as an event planner (for now) but after organizing over a hundred bachelor parties in Bangkok I’ve got a pretty good idea of what's best for this kind of event.

So if like millions of guys you’ve seen the Hangover II movie and you’ve decided to choose Bangkok (and Thailand) as the perfect destination for your last crazy trip with the lads, here are some cool ideas to make it LEGEND... wait for it... DARY!

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Bangkok Bachelor Party Ideas

Of course, this list is non-exhaustive and it's not a to-do list either.

It's just a few ideas for your bachelor party in Bangkok to make the most of your time in the city of angels.

That's also by far the most popular requests and things to do I've had during my run as a bachelor party planner.

Now let's get to it!

Book A Party-Friendly Suite

bangkok hangover suite at lebua at state tower

Not every hotel has the same policy when it comes to guests and parties.

After years of organizing parties in Bangkok, I know which ones are perfect to host parties. And which ones are not.

Of course, the Hangover Suite at Lebua sounds like the go-to option because, after all, it's named after the movie that made Bangkok explode as a bachelor party destination.

But depending on your budget or where you want to stay in Bangkok, there are other suites that could be more suitable.

Like the Ambassador Suite at the Davis hotel with a jacuzzi and 2 rooms for only 5,000 a night or the Savvy Suite at Aloft that is in the center of Sukhumvit 11, one of Bangkok’s main nightlife hub.

girls in a limousine at bangkok airport

Arrive In Style

Get the bachelor party started as soon as you land.

Rent a luxury car or van to get to your hotel in style and hire Thai models or even a midget dressed up as a superhero to welcome the groom to Thailand.

That’s often what it takes to put the group in the mood after a long flight.

Add a few cold beers for the ride and everybody will be in the mood to party even before you reach the hotel.

Get The Adrenaline Rushing

muay thai class bangkok

There are a lot of fun things to do in Bangkok, especially for a wild bachelor party..

Whether it’s a muay Thai class, go karting, shooting range, or surfing on artificial waves, make sure you plan some activities to get rid of the jet lag and prevent some of the damages you will do to your body with all the junk food and parties.

🐵 Mojo Tip: Talking from experience, don’t book too many activities on the last day or any day that follow a heavy night out. You don't want anyone to get hurt.

Get Your Picture At The Hangover II Rooftop Bar

hangover II movie scene at Skybar at Lebua State Tower

You’re here because of the Hangover Part II movie?

You remember the rooftop bar that is in the movie?

Yes, the one in the picture above.

Well, if that’s the case, head to the Sky Bar at the Tower State in Silom.

Go there to enjoy the view, grab a drink, and take your picture.

It’s worth paying a visit there.

But if you don't want to pay $25 for a drink but want to appreciate the city from above, there's a ton of other cool rooftop bars in Bangkok.

I made a list here.

  • Go To The Hangover II Rooftop Bar (Sky Bar)

Go Bar Hopping In One Of Bangkok's Red-Light District

thai girl in a gogo bar in bangkok

Whether you choose Soi Cowboy, Nana or Patpong, it’s up to you, and honestly, it doesn’t really matter which one you pick.

As long as you’ve got the right group with you and you’re ready to go from bars to bars until you find the type of girls and the ambiance that you like, you’ll be fine.

The 3 have a ton of gogo bars, ladyboy bars and Cowboy and Patpong even have ping pong shows.

No doubt you'll have fun there.

Get a lapdance, try to get the groom dancing on stage, and ring the bell to pay a round of drinks to everyone in the bar.

Also, make sure you get the groom covered with asses and boobs until he's drowning under it.

Plan A Prank With A Ladyboy

bangkok ladyboy bar

Whether you decide to blindfold the groom and buy him a lapdance in a ladyboy bar or you dare him to kiss one of these sexy transgenders, make sure you plan a prank that involves some actions with Thai ladyboys.

After all, that's one of the most popular things about Thailand, and who knows, he might have a revelation just before his wedding. 😂

Get The Groom Spanked At A BDSM Club

barbar fetish club in patpong bangkok

One reason to pick Patpong over the other red-light districts in Bangkok is Barbar, a BDSM / Fetish Club located just meters away from the most popular gogo bars in the city.

At Barbar you can attach the groom in a cage and get him spanked for everybody to enjoy.

And if you're curious to know how far it goes there, the answer is: That's up to you.

The room is well equipped and the girls are skilled so I guess the decision is in your hands.

That’s when the groom finds out if he picked the right best man for the job.

  • Barbar Fetish Club Bangkok

Go Axe Throwing

axe throwing bangkok ratchada

All this drinking got you exhausted but you still want to plan some activities before you head back to the clubs?

Go Axe Throwing at Artbox night market.

It’s fun, accessible to everyone even without prior experience, and you can drink while doing it.

It's often what we plan after a heavy night out.

It's an excuse to get moving and get back to drinking slowly before you go out again.

  • Read my review

Go VIP At The Best Clubs In Bangkok

onyx club bangkok

You know what we say: “Go Big or Go Home”.

And if you want to splash money, Bangkok has a ton of amazing clubs with incredible VIP service that will be happy to take your money.

But where?

Levels, Insanity, and Sugar in Sukhumvit soi 11 if you want a good mix of foreigners and “friendly” Thai girls.

If you want commercial music, choose Levels.

Insanity for electronic music and head to Sugar for Hip Hop.

Now if you want something more classy and not as wild, Sing Sing Theater is the perfect club for you.

And finally, if you prefer to get a taste of the local nightlife, book a table at Onyx in RCA or Babyface Superclub in Ekamai.

But in general, if you want to know what are the best clubs for bachelors in Bangkok, I would say:

  • Insanity
  • Levels
  • Club at Koi
  • Mixx

For a good mix of foreigners, expats, locals, and tons of friendly Thai freelancers.

  • The Best Clubs in Bangkok

Recover At The Spa

yunomori onsen and spa in bangkok

All this drinking and partying is now taking a toll on your body, it’s time for a break.

Well, I've got good news for you, Bangkok has some of the best spas to help you recover.

Plan a few hours at a nice Onsen and Spa to get a Thai massage and chill with the lads.

My favorite spa in Bangkok is Yunomori Onsen & Spa at the end of Sukhumvit 24.

Most hotels also usually have really good spas and massages but they tend to be more expensive.

Smoke Cigars And Drink Whisky (Or Rum)

whisgars sukhumvit soi 23 bangkok

Is it cliché? Maybe.

But it's popular for a reason.

There are some really good cigars bars in Bangkok including Whisgars that is probably the one with the largest selection of whiskys and cigars in town.

Give yourself a break and take some time to relax and talk about the few things you remember from the previous nights while you enjoy some fine cigars and drinks.

And If you don’t have enough time to add an extra location to your schedule, stop by Havana Social to try their rum and cigar pairing (the bar is just meters away from clubs like Insanity and Levels 😉).g (the bar is just meters away from clubs like Insanity and Levels 😉).

Go To A Gentlemen Club

gentlemen club bangkok pimp

Because a special occasion deserves a special night.

With over 200 of the most beautiful Thai Girls (and some of the craziest ones), gentlemen clubs like The PIMP are the perfect place to go wild with complete privacy.

Whatever happened there will never leave those 4 walls.

Get a big party room with a pool table, at least one girl per guy, and make the alcohol flow.

The girls there know how to take care of their guests and they're not shy about drinking.

That’s by far the best place for a private sexy party in Bangkok.

  • Read about my first time at the PIMP

Go To A Pool Party

so sofitel pool party bangkok pitou mojomatt

Bangkok has some of the best pool parties in the world and it would be a shame not to go to one.

Hot sun, the hottest girls in bikini, really good value on drinks and blasting music.

It's perfect to recover from a heavy night and start drinking again before another crazy night out.

Rent A Van

party van bangkok

Traffic is the worst thing in Bangkok and if you have a big group, dealing with different taxis all the time will kill the vibe.

Arrange vans for your whole trip so you can just hop on and off as you go from one place to another.

It might cost you a bit more than taxis, but the convenience and the fact that you can get some rest or play your music and keep drinking on route to the next bar is priceless.

Take The Party To Pattaya

mojosons bachelor yacht party pattaya

Got some time to spare?

Bring the boys to Pattaya.

Pattaya is the perfect place for this kind of event.

With a crazy nightlife (hello Walking Street), great deals on pool villas and resorts where you can chill and party, tons of outdoor activities, and even yacht parties, it would be a mistake not to spend a few days there.

So if you have enough time, definitely take the bachelor party to Pattaya.

You won’t regret it.

Start Planning your Bachelor Party in Bangkok

the hangover part II movie in Thai street

There you go.

Now all you have to do is to create the perfect itinerary for your bachelor party in Bangkok.

For more inspiration and ideas, you can also check my 1 day stag itinerary here and of course, leave a comment below if you have any questions.

I’m even considering doing some freelance work to help people build their perfect itinerary or package for their trip to Bangkok as long as I’m living here.

So if you need some help with your party/trip, hit me up.


Bangkok is 100% the best destination in the world for a bachelor party! Bangkok offers a wide range of accommodation, things to do and parties to get the bachelor party you’ve been dreaming about without breaking the bank.

Stay at a party-friendly hotel suite for your bachelor party in Bangkok. For a bachelor party the most popular hotel suites are usually the Hangover Suite at Lebua Hotel, the Savvy Suite at Aloft Bangkok, the Family Residential Suite at Sukhumvit 31 and the Ambassador Suite at the Davis Bangkok.

the hangover part II movie boat

That’s it.

I hope that helps you to plan your bachelor party in Bangkok.

If you want to know more about Bangkok nightlife and what are the best places to party for bachelors, click here.

And if you got any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below or to send me a message.

Oh and don’t forget, make sure you bring back the groom in one piece and STD free for his wedding.

Wear condoms and stay safe out there!

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