28 years in the Making…

Yesterday I was 14 and all of a sudden I’m turning 28, and honestly I don’t know where all these years went.

When I moved to Australia for a year at 19, I heard for the first time about two really powerful quotes that the Aussies use all the time:

“Go with the flow” and “enjoy yourself”

Those two stuck in my head since then and I’ve been trying to live by it.

So far, it worked pretty well me.

Looking back at these 10 years as an “adult”, I’m really seeing myself making progress to become who I want to be as a person… but I’ve also realized it’s a lifelong journey that never ends.

The more you learn in life, the more you wise up, the more you understand you don’t know shit and as much as you will learn during your life, you will never have all the answers.

One thing you can master early on thought is to learn how to learn.

  • Learn how to constantly put yourself in a position where you can learn more.
  • How to surround yourself with the right people.
  • How to deal with challenges, and learn from your mistakes.
  • Learn how to set goals and achieve them.
  • Learn to break your ego and stay open to other’s opinions, way of life, culture…

The earlier you understand that there’s no black or white but everything is grey and that nobody figured it all out, the better off you are.

Everybody is successful in some areas of their life and a mess in others.

We’re all flawed in some ways.

Even in some look like they’re perfect or pretend to be, nobody is. And it’s fine this way.

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What I’ve accomplished in those 28 years

On top on learning how to drive and make some money, I’ve done a few things since I turned 18 that really impacted my life in a good way.

Having my High School Degree 🎓

That was important for me even though I really wanted to drop out of high school and go explore the world.

School fail a lot of people.

Not because they’re bad or not smart enough, only because it’s not for everyone.

But because I had to go there 40 hours a week, the least I could do was to get my degree. It didn’t change my life, but at least those 3 years in high school were not a complete waste of time.

Moving overseas ✈️

I first moved abroad when I was 19. I went for a year in Australia with a bag, a 1 year Working Holiday Visa, 8,000€ in savings and nothing else. No plan.

That’s only when I came back to France a year later that I started to realize how much that experience brought to me.

Talking about going with the flow, backpacking in a country with no plans, and no friends when you don’t speak the language teaches you a lot about yourself and what you’re capable of.

In a year I did 30 different jobs, met people that became friends for life, had some amazing experience and tough struggles, traveled alone, get cold, hungry, lost, met people who literally saved my life…

Most importantly it taught me how much I could do, how many possibilities there were out there, and how much I could achieve when I put myself into something.

It taught me how little what you possess matter but how important friendships and the people you meet are and how much having people to share the moment with is important.

It also taught me to rely on myself more, that there are always times where you can only rely on yourself. That the world around you is a lot of about the perception you have of it.

Finally it taught me that I can start over anywhere and build a new life starting from scratch.

Once you’ve got that mindset and that ability to start over from 0, you’re not that afraid to try things or to fail, because you know you can always press reset, move somewhere else and start over.

drunk me at 19
Drunk me at 19

Learning English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

It is one of the best thing I’ve done in my life. Most of the knowledge of this world is available for free on internet, and most of it is in English.

Once you know English you’ve got access to a lot more.

You’ve also got the ability to connect with so many people, learn so many things.

It takes time and effort, but learning English is one of the best thing you can do in your life.

Overcoming my shyness 😰

I used to be really shy. Like really really shy.

Like crossing the road to avoid a group that was on the same sidewalk as me.

And I know it’s hard to believe for most people who meet me today because I’ve came a long way.

But I still have that shy urges from time to time.

The thing is like even though it was second nature for me, early on I knew I needed to fight this habit to have a better life.

Truth is, unfortunately, that if you’re too shy, like I was, you’re gonna be roll over by people with big mouth.

I know, it happened to me a lot when I was young. It still happens from time to time to be honest.

But I’m more confident now, and I know how to behave around people, how to talk and I can make myself heard when I need to.

Shyness is not something you have to live with and accept, you can work on it and change. 🙌

Working out everyday 💪

It took me almost 7 years to get from not exercising to exercising (almost) every day.

Working out bring a lot of positive things in life.

You’re more confident, more energetic, and you’ve got an excuse to eat more.

As for everything, there’s no one routine that fit everyone so you need to try a bunch of shit to find what works for you.

For me, it took 7 years, but now I’ve figured it out and I’m finally being consistent.

You can find my routine here:

Get into personal development 📚

Because there’s what life gives you and what you do with it. #truestory

It’s easy to blame your parents, the environment you grew up in… it’s not so easy to have a look at yourself in the mirror, understand where you come from and who you really are.

It takes balls and that’s one of the hardest thing you can do in life but also one that give you the most rewards.

It impacts every areas of your life, from relationships to your business.

It’s what they should really teach you at school, useful life skills that prepare you to be a better human and keep growing all your life.

Getting into Bartending 🍹

When you’re at school, everybody tell you about the jobs you “should” do, nobody tell you about the jobs you “can do”.

Nobody told me I could be a bartender and get paid to party and get drunk.

Don’t limit yourself to the options people give you.

Just dive deep on internet and connect with people that do stuff you like, there’s a whole world out there that nobody is talking about.

Today I’m a party planner and starting to do affiliate marketing. That’s two things I didn’t even know existed when I was “planning my future” back in high school.

Go out there and explore.

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Starting my own business 💵

And in a foreign country.

I’ve always dreamed of having my own business and being an Entrepreneur.

And now when I look back at my experience with my own business, it brought a lot of light on my abilities and flaws and it taught me a lot about myself.

For example, I know now that I’m good at calling shots but not as good at taking them. 🥊

It has been the best and the worst experience of my life, but it’s one that taught me the most.

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There’s nothing you can’t do

Don’t look at someone successful and think they’re too far out of reach.

Instead, look at how they get there, reverse engineer what they’ve done and the experiences they had to learn from what they’ve done.

A guy that I follow, Gary Vaynerchuk, once said on stage “at some point you didn’t know how to walk or drive, now it’s second nature, you’ve figured it out”.

Truth is, you can learn or do anything, if you put your mind to it.

What I still need to work on (big time)

Control my emotions 🤯

And keep my cool.

I’ve been getting way better at it compared to when I was a teen, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

Emotions often get in the way of you making more rational decisions that would be better for you.

Of course sometime you want to shut some people, and call their bullshit, but does that really bring you closer to the outcome you want?

There’s a really interesting idea I’ve learn years ago.

E + R = O

Event + Reaction = Outcome

You can’t control the Events, but if you know what Outcome you want, you can adapt your Reaction.

That shit is powerful.

Set time to improve my mental health 🧘‍♂️

I workout everyday to stay in shape and in a good physical condition but I don’t spend any time (or enough) working on my mind and my mindset.

In the last years, I’ve experienced a lot of anxiety, I fought all my life with suicidal thoughts, doubts, that nasty negative intern voice that tells me I’m not good enough or I don’t deserve it (I know we’re a lot to share that, more than most people want to admit).

If you set time to workout and improve your body, it only make sense you do the same with your mind.

Wether it’s mediation, breathing exercise, praying, writing… whatever works for you.

Take some time to work on your mental health.

Alcohol, drugs and pills are only a temporary fix.

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Master my financials 💸

I’m not bad a making money but I really suck at spending it well and making smart investments.

I don’t like to argue over money so sometime I don’t negotiate when I should or I avoid discussions on money.

Believe it or not, it all come down to the way you see money and the way you value it.

I always manage to make enough money to get by and to make more when I need to, so it’s not about opportunities or abilities, it’s all about beliefs.

I really need to fix that so I can get away from the financial troubles I had lately and stop worrying about money once and for all.

I haven’t looked into it really yet, but if you’ve gonna recommendations, leave them in the comments.

Not recording enough of my life 📷

I love watching vlogs.

I love that vloggers not only share stories and their lives but this way they also keep memories forever.

If you life is worth living, it’s worth recording.

It’s not from me, but it resonates with me.

I need to get better at it.

I’ve got a Go Pro and a Pixel 3XL that take amazing photos and videos, I’ve got no excuses.

Think less. Do More 🔥

Overthinking is a burden, and mostly useless.

Learn how to react and adapt is great.

Thinking about all the options or anything that could go wrong is really useless.

Taking actions and moving forward on the other side is way under rated. We all got ideas, but without execution, they are useless.

Spend less time in your head and do more.

mojomatt do more tattoo bangkok

Be more positive 😎

Because you attract people that have the same energy as you.

If you’re always complaining, you’re gonna surround yourself with people who do the same.

That work on the other side.

If you’re always positive, excited and joyful, you’re gonna surround yourself with people who are the same way.

So don’t underestimate the impact your attitude have on your life.

Finish what I’ve started 😅

There’s a lot of projects in my life that I gave up, because I didn’t have the strength or focus to follow through.

If you start a business, go all the way.

You’re getting into a relationship, give it everything to make it work.

Don’t give up on your dreams or your projects.

What can you take away from it

That we’re all equal and that nobody have life all figured out.

But also, Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve

Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish

Always work on getting better at what you do and becoming a better person, and


Time is flying, make the most of it.

What about you? How old are you?

Where you’re at in life?

Let me know in the comments 👇

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